Custom Build -

We build ramps out of wood, concrete, landscaping and a variety of weather resistant materials.  A custom build ramp offers a fit that is unique to your situation and can incorporate other items and features you are looking for to make everything tie together just right.

​We offer several options when it comes to ramp construction.​

Pre-Fabricated -

We install pre-fabricated aluminum ramps that allow a quick turn around time with a maintenance free finished product.  Aluminum ramps have a wide variety of shapes hand sizes with high weight capacities.

Wheelchair Ramps

When it comes to a ramp to gain access to your home or business there are two choices - custom construction or pre-fabricated.  In either case it is critical to follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines to ensure the slop of the ramp is safe and not too steep.  The ADA recommended slop is 1:12, which means for every inch of elevation a ramp must have one foot of run.  So if you measure 30" from your door threshold to the ground below, the ramp must have a total length of 30 feet to be safe and legal.

Average Costs:

There are many factors that affect the final cost of a wheelchair ramp but a good rule of thumb for predicting the ballpark price is to determine the total length of ramp that is needed, this will include the upper and intermediate turning platforms and multiply by a cost of $150 per linear foot.  

An example would be if a ramp needs a 5 foot level platform at the door of the home, a 20 foot ramp connected to a turning platform that is 8 feet long at its longest point followed by another 20 feet of ramp extending down to the ground.  The total product length would be 5+20+8+20=53 feet total length.  So a ballpark cost would be 53x150=$7,950.00.  This is just a ballpark figure to get you in the range of what you would be looking at.  The final cost would be generated after a site evaluation has been performed and the exact ramp design, material, accessories and any building permits are determined.  Some pricing can go up, others can go down, but overall if someone only had $5000 to spend then this would be over their budget.

Modular EZ - Access Ramps 


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