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The PL50 lift is the workhorse of the industry.  It offers 50 inches of lifting height and is available in a straight through or 90 degree platform configuration.  This lift offers a low cost solution to entering a home without taking up the entire front yard with a long, winding wheelchair ramp that will end up costing the same in the end.

For someone who has very limited mobility or is in a wheelchair, entering a home or business that has steps is a massive challenge.  There are options available to make the challenge more manageable, but some of the the options may not be as successful as others or cost effective.  One such option is the Vertical Platform Lift for residential or commercial applications.  Vertical Platform Lifts or VPL's come is a variety of configurations to meet your needs.

Our best selling lift is by far the Mac's PL50 straight or 90 degree platform lift.  This lift is price pointed just right to get the job done and not break the bank.

We offer a wide variety of Platform Lift options in the PL50 series as well as others for all of our clients.  Our team will evaluate your particular environment and put together a comprehensive package that will meet all of your needs perfectly.  Typically a lift with moderate modifications to the area is roughly $6000 installed, this cost depends on factors of the location so a onsite is required to give a detailed price complete.

Check out our Video that shows a few installations and then contact us for your in home free estimate and see why a lift is the right choice for you.

​​Why Choose a VPL over a Ramp?
The answer is simple - Safety

The Americans with Disabilities Act - ADA, has a mandated angle for all wheelchair ramps and is enforced by almost all city codes currently.  For every inch of elevation it is required to have one foot of ramp.  This means if your doorway threshold is 40 inches above your front yard - typically 5 steps - you need to have a 40 foot ramp.   A ramp of this size typically won't fit in most front yards without twisting back and forth making it even larger and more expensive.  Ramp companies will try to get around this by offering a ramp that is shorter, has no upper platform to keep you from rolling down-hill while your trying to open the door as well as other short cuts to get the price down.  Once your ramp is installed you need to keep it free of debris, especially snow and ice in the winter.  Ramps are massive slippery slides in the winter time if not kept up with.  For these reasons a ramp is simply not the safest option for many applications.

Cost vs. Function of a VPL and Ramp

As stated above, ramps need to be a certain length to be a safe and manageable angle for someone to use.  The length of the ramp and other components such as upper platform, intermediate platforms and turning platforms all add into the final cost and overall size of the ramp.  If a client has the need for a 40 foot ramp with upper and intermediate turning platforms as most people do the cost is roughly in the $5000 to $6000 price range.  It is a big ramp to take care of, a long ramp to push up and down on as well as a high price tag.  For the installation of a VPL we can achieve the same entry into the home and only use a 6 foot by 6 foot square area next to the front door porch.  The amount of room taken up by the VPL is almost nothing compared to a ramp and the lift travels straight up and down, no slippery angled ramp surface to worry about.  Even in bad weather, the amount of area that needs to be maintained free of snow and ice is now very small as compared to a ramp.  As for the cost - in this particular example the cost is precisely the same, but the benefits are far greater.