For countertop applications, it is designed with a smooth finish as well as virtually invisible seams  where multiple sections are required to be joined together.  Everla-Stone can also be shaped and formed into a variety of curves and angles allowing us to construct complex surfaces for use in kitchens, offices or a variety of commercial applications.

Because we fabricate this product in-house, we can offer all of our clients a high-end, custom product at the best possible price since there is no middleman markup.

When used in showers Evera-Stone provides the stunning appearance of real tile due to the tile look and simulated grout lines, but provides the ease of cleaning typically associated with less attractive fiberglass units.  With the non-porous design, this material does not allow the growth of mold into the surface and makes cleaning a breeze.



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Everla-Stone is available for purchase & installation locally by us or, you can purchase through our online retail site and install it yourself or by your contractor.


Always priding ourselves on being innovative, we fabricate our own specialized product, Everla-Stone, to offer our customers a custom look for countertops, showers, wall claddings and a variety of specialty products.

This specialized material is made with crushed  granite, coloring agents and polymers to create a non-porous, solid material that is chemical, stain and impact resistant - making it an ideal material for anywhere in your home where you have water, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.

Available in more than 65 different colors ranging from soft neutrals to dark colors with silver and gold flecks.  It is not only stunning but is easy to clean and will not allow mold growth into the surface due to it's non-porous design.  Watch our video to see the Everla-Stone manufacturing process.


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