When it comes to transferring someone from a bed to a wheelchair or other item it traditionally required a manual lift from a caregiver.  It has been proven that the manual lift is dangerous for not only the patient, but also the caregiver doing the lift - especially if the patient is very heavy.  In addition, if a patient lives at home alone they are dependent upon a caregiver to get them out of bed or into the bathroom if they lack the upper body strength or mobility to move about on their own.  With a ceiling lift system all of these problems are solved.

No More Manual Lifting!

The lift system is up out of the way with the track mounted directly to the ceiling.  With the use of the in-rail motor a lifting sling is placed around the patient and the lifting motor easily raises and lowers the individual at the touch of a button.  Able to easily lift persons weighing up to 1200 Lbs these lifts do what would take 6 people, and at a safer more controlled environment.

Independent Operation.

With a client who has use of their upper body but is not strong enough to transfer from place to place on their own a ceiling lift system offers independent operation.  The user simply slips a lifting sling around their body, hooks the sling to the lifting bar, and presses the raise button on the hand control.  Once raised up the client can turn on the lateral drive motor and the lift system will drive down the ceiling rail to the desired location where they can lower back down, whether it be to a chair, toilet, shower or bath tub. 

Ceiling Lift Systems


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